Young Thug Asks That Judge Suppress Statements From YSL RICO Interrogation

 Young Thug Asks That Judge Suppress Statements From YSL RICO Interrogation

New updates on the development of the YSL RICO trial reveal that rapper Young Thug and his attorney Brian Steel filed a motion that asks the overseeing judge to suppress statements he made while in police custody during an involuntary interrogation, AllHipHop reports. 

Steel alleges that two officers cross-examined Young Thug while at the DeKalb County Jail, despite the rapper never waiving his Miranda rights. Steel claims that Cobb County Investigator David Raissi and ATF Special Agent T. Cunningham put Thugger in an interrogation room without his legal counsel’s consent, knowledge, or permission. 

“All of Mr. Williams’ statements must be suppressed from the trial in the above-referenced case, and all witnesses must be instructed not to utter the fact that Mr. Williams made any statements which were not voluntarily made, were made in violation of his Constitutional right to counsel and made in violation of Miranda warning,”

the filing stated.

“Additionally, no mention can be made that [Young Thug] was given the opportunity to speak with law enforcement since this is post-arrest.” 

The rapper’s legal team reportedly made another request which asks the judge to return phones and computers that were taken from his home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in July 2015. The 31-year-old allegedly threatened a security guard at a mall, leading authorities to raid his home where they discovered an assortment of drugs and guns. The felony charges Young Thug faced following the raid were dropped after a trial ruled the search unconstitutional.

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