Woman Faces Criticism After She Adds ‘Sex Work’ To LinkedIn Profile Listing It As Self-Employment 

 Woman Faces Criticism After She Adds ‘Sex Work’ To LinkedIn Profile Listing It As Self-Employment 

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A woman is catching slack after she listed Sex Work on her LinkedIn resume. Arielle Egozi, listed

“sex work”

as her job since September 2020 along with a plethora of other jobs including, a creative and digital director as well as an ambassador. According to the New York Post, Egozi left her job with great benefits and is now pursuing a career as a sex worker. She reportedly quit after being unfulfilled with her position. 

She wrote in a LinkedIn Post,

“ I left an in-house job with fancy benefits two weeks ago and the reason I could do that was sex work. I had just enough saved from selling and engaging my image that I could ask myself if I was happy. I wasn’t. yeah, the few grand i’d stashed up over time helped, but the biggest reason I could walk away is because sex work shows me what my power can do when I own it intentionally.”

“I charge exorbitant amounts. I have no problem taking rejections from those that don’t want to pay it, because I charge what emotional labor is required right into the fee. I set and hold boundaries, and engage only in ways that are safe, playful, and abundant for me. I don’t waste my time with anything less,”

Egozi added. 

She went on to say,

“why is this different than any other client work? The answer I come to, again and again, is that it isn’t. So it’s now up on my linkedin. Because not only is my new standard for incoming creative clients that they be at least half as respectful, generous, and grateful as the John Does online —But that anyone who I partner with celebrates and accepts every experience as one I will inevitably bring with me into a project.”

Many people commented with diverging thoughts and opinions regarding this woman’s decision. While some people understood her perspective, others weren’t so graceful. One LinkedIn user commented,

“This is a very dangerous game you are playing. Sure you may have clients who are nice but people lie. At any moment a person wishes to harm you they can. Be mindful ma’am. I just want you to think more about the outcome, than the current situation. You get money, but is it worth looking in the mirror and crying in the shower when you still feel unfulfilled trying to fill a void?” 

#Clique, what are your thoughts? 


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