Woman Brags About Being ‘The Ultimate Catfish’

 Woman Brags About Being ‘The Ultimate Catfish’

This self-taught make-up artist has taken her talents to TikTok, as she has uploaded many videos embracing the fact that she’s a catfish. In fact, one of her viral videos captioned,

“Catfish Level 1,000.”

Another video uploaded under the woman’s TikTok account, Lashesandlosing, has gained over 3 million views with more than 4,000 comments from supportive TikTok users. 

In the video, the TikToker replies to a message that says,

“Gorgeous Queen! Keep em mad.”

The woman then shows how she looks before applying make-up. Her two front teeth are missing, as well as half of her eyebrows; however, her transformation comes as a surprise. She then shows herself with make-up applied, as she appears to look completely different. 

Although many people were shocked by how different the make-up artist appeared, other TikTok users were extremely supportive. One user wrote in the commented section,

“I’m so insecure about my teeth can you send me info? They look amazing and you are amazing.”

While another TikTok user commented,

“Is this witchcraft?!?!?! Good lord, it has been said before….MY MAKEUP IS BROKEN!!!!! But you do a great job and look beautiful.” 

#Clique, What are your thoughts? 


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