Woman Beaten And Held At Gunpoint While Robbers Stole Her Pregnant $7,000 French Bulldog

 Woman Beaten And Held At Gunpoint While Robbers Stole Her Pregnant $7,000 French Bulldog

Photo Credit: Facebook / Amanda Hightower

A California woman was ambushed at her residence by two armed robbers who reportedly stole her $7,000 French bulldog, according to the NY Post

Dog owner Amanda Hightower’s rare merle-coated French bulldog, Milani, was snatched from her home on Thursday. Hightower told the outlet she was unexpectedly attacked after stopping at home to get an item she had forgotten.

“I surprised them when I had come in the door, so they attacked me, and they kept telling me to stay on the ground, ‘Don’t move!’ you know, cussing at me, and I was trying to fight back,”

she told the news outlet.

“I was trying to grab [their] hoodies, and [one of them] got upset, so he hit me with the gun in the face,”

Hightower added.

“I said, ‘Please don’t take my dog, please don’t take my dog!’”

Hightower believes she was targeted by the two men after posting about breeding and selling puppies on her Instagram.

“It was posted on my Instagram breeding page, and it was a public page for people to see in case they were interested in any of the puppies, so anybody could have seen it,”

she told KSBW, per the NY Post. 

The two suspects still have the missing pooch in their possession and are still at large. They were seen driving off in a Chevy Malibu with paper dealer plates from Gold Star Buick GMC in Salina, reports note. Police said the plates could be fakes or stolen.

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