Woman Arrested For Trying To Hire Hitman To Kill Ex’s Wife And Daughter

 Woman Arrested For Trying To Hire Hitman To Kill Ex’s Wife And Daughter

Early in December, authorities caught wind of a woman’s plan to hire someone to carry out a murder. They then sent an undercover police officer to meet 56-year-old Marilyn Zhou.

On December 18th, while meeting up with the cop in Trenton, New Jersey, Zhou thoroughly explained her expectations, which resulted in the death of her ex-husband’s new wife. The suspect told the fake hitman that the would-be victim has a 13-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and that if the teenager was present at the time of the murder, then she should also be killed. According to New York Post, Zhou provided the officer with a pair of rubber gloves, a towel, two photographs of the woman she wanted dead, and $21,000. She then told him that she would give him an additional $20,000 after the killing had taken place.

Later that day, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Special Investigations Unit made the arrest. Inside Zhou’s home in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, investigators found items she had recommended using for the murder, along with $18,000 in cash. The 56-year-old has now been charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of money laundering.

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