Woman Arrested After Hiding Stolen Rolex Inside Genitals Had Returned To Vegas For Separate Theft Charges

 Woman Arrested After Hiding Stolen Rolex Inside Genitals Had Returned To Vegas For Separate Theft Charges

On June 3rd, a man met 33-year-old Sarah Richards at a Las Vegas nightclub. The two bought a bottle of champagne and began to gamble at a few of the casinos. Though he was the one primarily drinking, he remembers Richards being the one to carry the bottle the entire night, as reported by Fox 5 Vegas.

After a night of fun, the man brought Richards to his hotel room, where she confessed to him that she had been struggling financially. He gave her $1,000 from his hotel room safe, and the two went to sleep. When he woke up, he realized that his Patek Philippe wristwatch, valued at $100,000, was missing. Richards was nowhere to be seen. He immediately notified the police.

The next day, Richards approached an undercover officer. Due to her having outstanding warrants for prostitution, she was immediately taken into police custody. While being interrogated, Richards admitted to the man giving her money but denied stealing his watch. She then posted bail a few days later.

On December 11th, authorities were called to a different hotel with a similar story. Another man claimed that he had taken Richards to his room and woke up to his $12,000 Rolex missing. When he confronted her about it, she immediately left. When police checked the room, they couldn’t locate the watch, but did discover a powdery substance at the bottom of the man’s wineglass.

While being questioned by police, Richards denied knowing where the missing jewelry was. They looked through her purse and found an empty capsule with a powdery substance inside. When an officer used a metal detector wand, it reportedly “kept alarming around her vaginal region.” She then agreed to take the watch out. “She stated that we were going to find it anyways at jail, and she did not want to go through the hassle.” The watch, along with capsule containing the unknown substance, were placed into biohazard bags and impounded.

Richards, who lives in Baltimore, had returned to Vegas for a court hearing on Monday about the theft charges from early June. She was arrested for stealing once again, and has since posted bond. The hearing has been rescheduled for January 10th. Another hearing, for the second incident, is scheduled shortly after.

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