Woman Allegedly Killed Stepdad After Finding Nude Photos Of Her On His Computer, Prosecutors Say

 Woman Allegedly Killed Stepdad After Finding Nude Photos Of Her On His Computer, Prosecutors Say

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A California woman allegedly drugged and strangled her stepfather after finding nude photos of herself on his computer, NY Post reported. 

Jade Janks, 39, is on trial for the murder of her stepfather Thomas Merriman, 64, whose body was found under a pile of trash at Solana Beach, California in 2021. Janks, who is the co-founder of the research nonprofit Butterfly Farms and an interior designer in California, pleaded not guilty to the murder in Vista Superior Court this week. 

However, according to prosecutors, Merriman’s death was

“no accident”


“murder by design.”

San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Jorge Del Portillo said Janks drugged Merriman with sleeping pills after discovering nude photos from a decade ago on Merriman’s computer,

“one of which he reportedly used as his screensaver,”

reports state. It is unclear how Merriman got the photos. 

Prosecutors claim they have text messages directly linking Janks to the murder.

“I just dosed the hell out of him. Stopping for whiskey than at Dixieland to stall. LMK,”

Janks allegedly texted another man the day of the murder, according to Del Portillo. She later wrote,

“He’s waking up,”

according to NBC San Diego.

“I really don’t want to be the one to do this.. I am about to club him on the head as he is waking up,”

another text read. Janks allegedly called someone to help her and that person notified authorities the next day, prosecutors said.

Attorneys for Janks, say she’s innocent and that Merriman died from poor health and

“his own cocktail”

of drugs.

“You will not find any evidence that he was strangled to death,”

Janks’ attorney, Marc Carlos told the jury, per the outlet. 

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