Where Must You Stay At Home Because Of COVID-19 In The US

 Where Must You Stay At Home Because Of COVID-19 In The US

The New York Times

All around the World, countries have made it mandatory that their residents stay at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, in the United States, only some of the states, cities, and counties are doing it.

New Rochelle, NY was the first city that was locked down and California was the first state to do it. The New York Times compiled a list of all the other locations around the country where you can only go out for essential reasons.

These are the 175 million people, as of March 24th, in 17 states, 26 counties and 10 cities are being asked to remain “safer at home.”

  • Alabama – Nowhere
  • In Alaska – Anchorage
  • Arizona – Nowhere
  • Arkansas – Nowhere
  • California – The whole state
  • Colorado – Boulder, Denver, and Pitkin County, which includes Aspen.
  • Connecticut – The whole state
  • Delaware – The whole state
  • Florida – Miami Beach and Leon County
  • Georgia – Atlanta
  • Hawaii – The whole state
  • Idaho – Blaine County
  • Illinois – The whole state
  • Indiana – The whole state
  • Iowa – Nothing
  • Kansas – Douglas, Johnson, Leavenworth, Sedgwick, and Wyandotte counties.
  • Kentuck – Nothing
  • Louisiana – The whole state
  • Maine – Nothing
  • Maryland – Nothing
  • Massachusetts – The whole state
  • Michigan – The whole state
  • Minnesota – Nothing
  • Mississippi – Nothing
  • Missouri – Clay County, Kansas City, St. Louis, St. Louis County
  • Montana – Nothing
  • Nebraska – Nothing
  • Nevada – Nothing
  • New Hampshire – Nothing
  • New Jersey – The whole state
  • New Mexico – Nothing
  • New York – The whole state
  • North Carolina – Mecklenburg County
  • North Dakota – Nothing
  • Ohio – The whole state
  • Oklahoma – Nothing
  • Oregon – The whole state
  • Pennsylvania – Allegheny County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Monroe County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County.
  • Rhode Island – Nothing
  • South Carolina – Nothing
  • South Dakota – Nothing
  • Tennessee – Davidson County, Franklin, and Memphis
  • Texas – Austin, Bexar County, Collin County, Dallas County, El Paso County, Harris County, Hunt County, and Tarrant County.
  • Utah – Nothing
  • Vermont – Nothing
  • Virginia – Nothing
  • Washington – The whole state
  • West Virginia – The whole state
  • Wisconsin – The whole state
  • Wyoming – Nothing

While 69-year-old Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is willing to die to save the economy, I don’t think any life is worth less than money. Well…

While it is not fun to be forced to stay at home. The more of us who do it and follow social distancing, the quicker we will be able to get back to our normal lives. Enjoy the pause while we have it.


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