Wendy Williams Worried About When She Can Get Her ‘Saggy Boobs’ Fixed During Quarantine

 Wendy Williams Worried About When She Can Get Her ‘Saggy Boobs’ Fixed During Quarantine

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Wendy Willams is not doing her show now because of the pandemic, so she went on Dr. Oz’s show yesterday to get her fix.

While talking about all things Coronavirus, he brought up elective surgery. That is when Wendy had a question for him.

“It’s just that, as a surgery girl, when you save your money and you’ve been planning for years, and then you have your appointment and all of a sudden the corona pops up, and I got to deal with these saggy boobs.

“For how much longer before I get them pulled back up?”

Wendy Williams to Dr. Oz

He told her that he is “hopeful” we will be through the worst of it in 8 weeks, and that is when they will most likely start to do elective surgeries again after that.

Since she is like 70% boobs, it makes sense why this is an important thing for her to know. Believe it or not, it was not the most important.

She wanted to know when she can get back to doing her show. She has not done it from her house like Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Live with Jimmy Kimmel, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Conan, because she says she is a private person.

Sadly, he has no return date for her. As soon as she is given the go-ahead, she is ready to go back to work. It is why she has not left NYC.

Dr. Oz wanted to know when she finally gets back on the air, what will she be talking about?

“What else is there to say celebrities are in the house, nobody’s getting in trouble, nobody’s getting married. Nobody’s falling in love. People aren’t sharing like that.

“And I’m free to go back to work. If they would tell me right now, when do you can go back to work. I would tax, my producers with, then you finally something other than talking about this Corona. You know. I’m a producer on my show too, so I’ll do my part as well.

“But we’ve got to do something other than talk about Corona we can do Ask Wendy. We can do the Diva Fan with, you know, the look and stuff like that. It’s time to become creative. And it’s also time to laugh. And that’s why I want to be back on. There’s not enough joy. These days, in people’s lives.

Wendy Williams to Dr. Oz

She is right we do need to laugh again. Is it wrong to say I have been doing that because I have been picturing her with trying to make saggy boobs look perky again before the surgery?


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