Viral Video Shows Mother Being Questioned About How She Knows Her Adopted White Son

 Viral Video Shows Mother Being Questioned About How She Knows Her Adopted White Son

A video of a black woman being questioned about how she knows her white adopted son has gone viral. The video uploaded by Raisingcultures has already garnered over 3 million views with more than 6,000 comments from disturbed and outraged TikTok users.

The video captioned,

“these are the types of interactions we desire to avoid,”

while the text on the video detailed the encounter, saying,

“random lady while we were just trying to grab food questions me on how I know my son. Then asks me am I his teacher.”

The text continued,

“1. She asked how I knew my son as if she knew him. 2. She made a big deal in front of him. 3. She made a face like she didn’t believe me when I said he was my son. 4. She only said something because of the difference in skin color. 5. Alot of people act as if these type of interactions are okay, they are not.”

In the video, the mother is heard telling a stranger that she is with her son, who is white, after she was questioned about knowing the young boy.

The mother told the Daily Dot,

“adoptees don’t want to be confronted because they look different from their families while out in public enjoying what is supposed to be family time.” 

She continued,

“Families don’t always share DNA and for people to assume that adoptees are not a part of their families solely based on skin color is hurtful.” 

In a follow-up video responding to a comment that said,

“these conversations should happen,”

the mother disagreed. She negated the comment saying,

“these conversations should not happen if it’s solely based on the color of one’s skin, that’s racist.” 

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