Unemployed Americans Making Over $1000 Selling Nudes via Social Media

 Unemployed Americans Making Over $1000 Selling Nudes via Social Media

You wanna see some cash? You gotta show some a**.

At least that’s how hundreds of thousands of newly unemployed Americans are now earning a living.

In the wake of the novel Coronavirus outbreak, leaving a staggering 16.6 million jobless and without a steady income, thousands are turning to OnlyFans.com—an independent-creator platform (highly used for sex work)—selling NSFW flicks and clips to their “fans” in order to make ends meet.

In recent weeks, OnlyFans has seen a 75% increase in sign-ups, with more than 170,000 new users each day, according to HuffPost.

Novice account holders hawking sexy snaps of their unmentionables have reportedly made over $1000 in only a matter of days through subscriptions and tips on OnlyFans.

While not all new signees are using the platform for sex work, users willing to do something strange for some change are said to be raking in way more dough than those selling artwork or workout routines.


Are you down to show off your loins for the coins??

Asia Gaskin

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