UK Teen Addicted To Tanning Accused Of Pretending To Be Black Online

 UK Teen Addicted To Tanning Accused Of Pretending To Be Black Online

A UK teen is being accused of “blackfishing” — a term used for someone accused of pretending to be black or mixed-race — after her tanning addiction left her skin dark bronze. 

Taylor Humphrey, 18, of Mendlesham, Suffolk, received negative comments from social media users who have accused her of  of “trying to change [her] race,” per Daily Mail. In response, Humphrey says she “can’t help it if my skin goes this tanned.”

“Someone had even posted a TikTok about me and my tan saying that I was doing blackfishing,” she added. “Some people even wanted me to delete my social media. I just try to ignore people when they say stuff like this about me and don’t retaliate.”

The teen began her tanning journey when she first turned 18. She loved the tan so much that she asked her parents to buy her a sunbed. She told the outlet,

“I was so happy. When I first got it I started off doing eight minutes at a time and built it up over a few months.” 

Humphrey admitted she would feel depressed if she couldn’t tan every day.  She also spends time daily lying on the personal sunbed to maintain her bronzed skin. She even recalls being depressed when her sunbed broke during quarantine.

As we all know, tanning comes with high risks of skin cancer. However, Humphrey isn’t worried about it.

“’I know there are risks that come with going on sunbeds but it is like that with everything. There is a risk that smoking and drinking can cause cancer too and people still do that.”

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