Twitter Calls Out Vogue For “Half A**” Kamala Harris Cover

 Twitter Calls Out Vogue For “Half A**” Kamala Harris Cover

Our new VP Kampala Harris is about to enter the White Hose so Vogue got her together with a photo shoot for the new February issue. But a sneak peek of the cover photo has raised some eyebrows and has everyone wondering, why they played our good sis like that.

In the photo that made the cover, new Vice President has on a black suit paired with converses. Not only have people assumed this is what was agreed upon, journalist Yashar Ali came out to say per a source of his that this wasn’t the picture that was supposed t are the cut; and that Kamala’s team were completely blindsided by it.

None the less, the blame is going on editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Twitter is calling Vogue out and won’t stand for it. The people want the cover fixed immediately and depict Harris as the queen she is.

Ebony Kiara

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