Three Former Police Officers Plead Guilty In Fatal Shooting Of 8-Year-Old

 Three Former Police Officers Plead Guilty In Fatal Shooting Of 8-Year-Old

In August of 2021, Fanta Bility was leaving a Philadelphia high school football game with her mother and sister, when three police officers fired 25 shots at a moving car, as reported by People. One of the stray bullets struck the 8-year-old, and she lost her life.

On Thursday, the now former officers, Brian Devaney (41), Devon Smith (35), and Sean Dolan (25) have agreed to plead guilty to 10 counts of reckless endangerment in exchange for prosecutors dropping charges of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. The family agreed to the plea agreement, desperate for some form of justice. They feared that the cops-turned-suspects would be found not guilty if the other charges were not dropped.

“We are still coming to grips with the reality that our beloved Fanta is gone forever,” said Abu Bility, Fanta’s uncle. “That is why it is critically important for our family to begin the healing process, which cannot happen while this matter remains unresolved.”

Breanna Torres

Breanna Torres is both an Onsite news writer, as well as a freelance writer, and is known as a social justice activist within the Black, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities. Born in Houston, Texas, she currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and 4 year old son. In her free time, you can find Breanna spending her day cooking and enjoying food, dancing, and playing video games.

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