The University Of Kentucky Bans White Student After Attacking And Yelling Racial Slurs At Black Student

 The University Of Kentucky Bans White Student After Attacking And Yelling Racial Slurs At Black Student

Last week, a video of 22-year-old Sophia Rosing went viral. The white University of Kentucky student attacked another student, while using racial slurs. In the video, Rosing is seen repeatedly calling Kylah Spring the n-word while hitting, kicking, and biting her after Spring and other students were attempting to help her. She later tells police that she has “lots of money” and deserves “special treatment.”

After being given national attention, the university was quick to hold Rosing accountable. She has been charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, fourth-degree assault, and third-degree assault of a police officer. According to The Washington Post, she has now been expelled from the University of Kentucky and banned from the campus.

“I want to emphasize that this behavior was disgusting and devastating to our community,” said Eli Capilouto, UK’s President. “We stand by our students who were targeted by this unacceptable hostility and violence. As a community working wholeheartedly to prevent racist violence, we also must be committed to holding people accountable for their actions.”

Rosing’s lawyer, Fred Peters, claims that his client is “a very, very embarrassed young lady.” He also stated that he intends on “getting her into some kind of treatment program and sensitivity program to help her through this situation.”

Monday night, Spring and dozens of others, rallied in front of the campus library to peacefully protest against racism. The group was heard chanting “Black lives matter!” and “No justice- no peace!” She says that through the support of her friends, family, and other students, she’s working hard to get past the incident.

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