Teen Filming Video For Instagram Reels Is Struck By Train

 Teen Filming Video For Instagram Reels Is Struck By Train

Photo Credit: Twitter

In Telangana, India, 17 year old Ch Akshay Raj was filming an influencer-style video for Instagram Reels along a railroad close to a local railway station. Workers that had been conducting repairs gave the engineering student multiple warnings before the teen was hit, according to New York Post.

In a video, Raj’s friend is heard telling warning him about an approaching train, but the aspiring star fails to listen and is hit in the shoulder, tossing him to the ground. The footage ends with the teenager getting up with blood coming out of his ear.

Railway police rushed to the injured Instagrammer and took him to a government hospital, where he was later transferred to a private facility by his family. Despite him sustaining multiple facial injuries and a leg fracture, Raj is expected to make a full recovery.


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