Teen Called 911 To Report An Armed Robbery, Her Mother Picks Up

 Teen Called 911 To Report An Armed Robbery, Her Mother Picks Up

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A New Orleans teen was robbed at gunpoint and put into a freezer while on her shift at McDonald’s. When she dialed 911, her mother happened to be the dispatcher to answer her call for help, WDSU reported. 

Teri Clark, who works at an emergency dispatch center in New Orleans, says

“[she] was in a state of shock”

when she received a 911 call and recognized her daughters voice on the other line. Clark was supposed to be off, luckily her kind gesture to stay extra time to help out the staff helped save her daughter’s life. Clark walked her daughter through the terrifying ordeal.

“Mama, please hurry up she’s got a gun,”

said Tenia Hill, 16, on a 911 call recording.

“We are going to hurry, give me a description,”

Clark responded in the 911 recording. Hill described an armed woman robbing the franchise at gunpoint and her and other staffers being locked in the freezer. 

“[It] broke me down when my child said ‘We are in the freezer,'”

Clark told the outlet.

“While I was taking the call tears were coming down my face. I am still trying to do my job, and I did the job to the best of my ability.” 

Clark encouraged her daughter to stay calm and provided crucial information in getting New Orleans Police Department to the scene. Her daughter and staff members were brought to safety.

“She is the GOAT. Greatest of all time, that is the greatest dispatcher I know,”

Hill told the outlet about her mom. 

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