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Young Thug Asks That Judge Suppress Statements From YSL RICO

New updates on the development of the YSL RICO trial reveal that rapper Young Thug and his attorney Brian Steel filed a motion that asks the overseeing judge to suppress statements he made while in police custody during an involuntary interrogation, AllHipHop reports.  Steel alleges that two officers cross-examined Young Thug while at the DeKalb […]Read More

Police Claim They Have Multiple Wiretaps of Young Thug’s Conversation

Police say they have incriminating evidence against rapper Young Thug.  Fulton County authorities held a press conference on Young Thug’s arrest. They spoke to reporters about the indictment that was released regarding wiretaps they retrieved of the rapper provoking members of YSL to kill another Fulton County inmate.  The reporter asked, “was a cellphone deliberately […]Read More

Fans React To Young Thug’s Belief That Broke Men Shouldn’t

Leave it to Twitter to have an opinion about any and everything. Recently, Young Thug revealed that he believes men shouldn’t have children if they’re broke. This left Twitter users with a lot of mixed feelings and opinions about the emcee’s beliefs.  The “Go Crazy” rapper discussed his thoughts about broke men having children, noting […]Read More

Woman Fatally Shot At SW Atlanta Fun Center Following Dispute

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, 31-year-old LaKevia Jackson, who is the mother of rapper Young Thug’s child, was fatally shot at the Metro Fun Center following a dispute over a bowling ball. Officials rushed to the scene on Thursday after receiving reports of shots being fired outside of the center.  Reports say the night began […]Read More

Young Thug Reveals He Almost Died From Liver And Kidney

While live-streaming a jam session earlier this week, Atlanta rapper Young Thug shared the shocking story of a near-death experience from liver and kidney failure. “So, I kinda just stayed in the bed and I was like, ‘Yo, call the ambulance. I can’t move my body,'” he revealed. “Then later, when the ambulance came, I […]Read More

Driver Accuses Lil Wayne and Birdman of Striking Deals in

The driver of the 2015 Lil Wayne tour bus shooting in Atlanta wants answers. The driver Alvin Lewis wants to know why Birdman and Young Thug were not charged despite evidence revealing their alleged involvement. Lewis is requesting information obtained by the Cobb County, Ga. District Attorney’s Office forward any information about any deals the […]Read More

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