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Young Buck Says He Was Catfished By A Transgender Woman

Former G-Unit member Young Buck opens up about his encounter with a transgender woman. In 2018, the rapper was caught in a video with a trans woman, which Buck later admitted that he was catfished. During an interview with DJ Vlad, he spoke about the situation and he insisted that it was a set up. […]Read More

Young Buck’s Girlfriend Arrested for Allegedly Firing a Gun at

Young Buck apparently almost got his cornrow wig split, courtesy of his (apparently) sick and tired girlfriend. Lucretia Neil, the former G-Unit rapper’s bout’ it bout’ it #Bae, allegedly let the choppa sing out in his general direction during a domestic dispute at a home in Tennessee early Tuesday, per reports. An eyewitness snapped a […]Read More

Young Buck, The Former G-Unit Member Made A Go-Fund Me

Young Buck, the former G-Unit member filed for bankruptcy recently and after it was reported that he only had $100 dollars to his name he is now asking fans for money. The rapper called out 50 Cent and claimed the mogul hasn’t paid him any royalties. He started a GoFundMe over the weekend and according […]Read More

Young Buck Admits He Has No Money, No Property, and

Young Buck, with singles such as “Bonafide Hustler,” and “Don’t Need No Help,” is now bonafide broke and needs all the help he can get. The early 2000s Hip-Hop star admitted as much in his recent bankruptcy filing, revealing he squandered his entire fortune. Once a prominent member of rap group G-Unit, Young Buck claims […]Read More

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