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TikToker Disgusted After Finding Chicken Feathers In Wingstop Food

A TikToker is disgusted after discovering chicken feathers in his Wingstop order. The video uploaded by 415vic has already pulled in over 3 million views with more than 9,000 comments from unbothered TikTok users. One TikTok user wrote, “At least we now know it’s actual chicken.”  The video captioned, “found feathers on my Wingstop food.” […]Read More

Wingstop Employee Publicly Fired In The Middle Of Heated Argument

A heated argument led to a Wingstop employee being fired by her manager amid the disagreement. The incident was filmed and posted to TikTok by 421speed as the video now has 1 million views with nearly 6,000 comments.  There have been no clear reports about why the manager was arguing with his employee; however, we […]Read More

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