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Man Called Mom To Confess To Random Killings At Convenience

On Tuesday, January 24th, at around 3:30 A.M., Jarid Haddock drove to an ARCO gas station in Yakima, Washington. When the 21-year-old pulled on the doors and discovered that they were locked, he walked across the street to a Circle K convenience store. According to CNN, Haddock then fatally shoots two customers that were waiting […]Read More

Couple Arrested After Traveling With 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Corpse In Trailer

A couple, 33-year-old Mandie Miller and 28-year-old Aleksander Kurmoyarov, has been arrested after traveling over state lines with their 8-year-old’s corpse because they wished “to spend more time with her,” reports officials. The couple was caught taking their daughter in a U-Haul trailer from Washington State to Mitchell, South Dakota.  According to the New York […]Read More

Man Kidnaps Estranged Wife And Takes Her Into The Woods

In Lacey, Washington, dispatchers received a call shortly before 1 in the afternoon on Sunday. They heard nothing but muffled screams and sounds of a struggle, and sent police to the location. When they arrived, investigators found the garage door of Young An’s house open with their children inside her house. They told police that […]Read More

Black Students Humiliated After Being Instructed To Clean Cotton As

A mother of twin middle school students is seeking termination of an administrator who made them clean cotton as a class assignment.  Eighth graders Emzayia and Zyeshauwne Feazell and their peers at the Sacajawea Middle School in Spokane, Washington expected to be participating in a “fun activity,” until their teacher brought out freshly picked cotton […]Read More

Man Stole 400 Pound Slide From Playground And Installed It

Not sure how this Washington man managed to leave the playground with a 400 pound slide but I’m guessing in 2021 anything is possible and the cops have busted him for it after finding it in a kid’s bedroom.  Pasco Police Department says they have arrested 30-year-old Dustin Allen Bushnell, of Burbank, Washington, on a […]Read More

Off-Duty Cops Across The Country Part Of The U.S.Capitol Riots

Proceedings are underway to prosecute those who were involved with invading the U.S. Capitol this past week. Come to find out, looks like there will be some off duty officers that will be investigated who took part in all the foolery. There are several police departments across the country that will be looking into this […]Read More

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