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15-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot At Juneteenth Celebration Was Heard ‘Screaming

Sadly, a teen boy, who was fatally shot at a Juneteenth celebration in Washington, D.C., was heard “screaming out for his mom,” per bystanders. According to WTTG, eyewitnesses told the news station that the unidentified 15-year-old boy was heard yelling in distraught after he was struck. A witness, Daniel Dyson, told the station “it’s hurtful […]Read More

Mother Who Admitted To Throwing Away 2-Month-Old Son’s Corpse Reportedly

39-year-old LaDonia Boggs, who reportedly confessed to tossing her 2-month-old son’s corpse in the garbage after saying that he died in his sleep, has been murdered by the child’s father, according to PEOPLE.  The woman was allegedly fatally stabbed inside of an apartment in Washington D.C, per officials. Moments before 3 a.m., police responded to […]Read More

Five Fetuses Discovered At Anti-Abortion Activist’s Home

An anti-abortion activist has been indicted on federal charges after reportedly halting entry to a reproductive clinic. Reports also add that five fetuses were located in her Washington D.C home.  According to the New York Post, officials discovered the fetuses after responding to a report of “potential bio-hazard material” at the residence on Thursday. The […]Read More

George Floyd’s Family Visits White House On One-Year Anniversary Of

President Biden met with George Floyd‘s family at the White House today, on the one-year anniversary of his death.  His relatives were in Washington DC to speak with the president about what happened and about the legislation that is currently being voted on in Floyd’s namesake.  Floyd’s nephew Brandon Williams said that they were grateful […]Read More

Man Plows Car Into Two US Capitol Officers, Killing One

The US capitol has been placed on lockdown due to reported gunshots near the building. As the story developed CNN reports their sources said: “two officers are injured, including one who was stabbed.” Shortly after, one of the officers died.  The incident occurred near the Capitol at a checkpoint. The suspect drove his car into […]Read More

Two Teenage Girls Face Felony Murder Charges After Carjacking Crash

Mohammad Anwar, a Washington D.C Uber Eats driver was killed in a car crash caused by two teenage girls in an attempt to steal his car.  The incident occurred this past Tuesday where the driver was reportedly targeted. TMZ reported that “They allegedly Tased the driver and then made their move to steal the vehicle.”  […]Read More

$25K Reward For Information On 11-Year-Old Boy Shot And Killed

Police are offering up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest for 11-year-old Davon McNeal’s killer(s). McNeal was fatally gunned down by a stray bullet while retrieving a phone charger before attending a community 4th of July cookout. Davon’s mother, Crystal McNeal, said her son got caught in the middle of a neighborhood dispute […]Read More