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Woman Shopping at Texas Walmart Offers Mom $500,000 To Buy

A Texas woman was arrested after offering a mom shopping at Walmart half a million dollars to buy her baby, Click 2 Houston reports. 49-year-old Rebecca Taylor was in the self-checkout line at a Crockett Walmart, when she saw a woman with her 1-year-old son. She complimented the boy and then asked how much he […]Read More

TikToker fills Dawn dish soap up by taking from another

This TikToker is refusing to let Walmart rip her off and some TikTok users are here for it. In the viral video, the TikToker is seen pouring Dawn dish soap into another bottle in an attempt to fill it up. The video uploaded by Chemical.xxx has already gained over 14 million views with more than 9,500 comments […]Read More

TikToker Disgusted After Discovering Moldy Shoes For Sale At Walmart

A TikToker is revealing the time she discovered moldy shoes for sale amid her trip to Walmart. The viral video uploaded by Seememommin has garnered more than 1 million views with over 1,200 comments from disturbed and surprisingly, humorous TikTok users. One user commented, “I thought they designed them with bleach spots until you said […]Read More

Mother Turns In Daughter & Friend For Alleged Purse Snatching

A mother turned in her daughter and her friend after the duo were seen on the news allegedly stealing a woman’s purse, Memphis police say.  The alleged purse-snatching happened June 28 at a local Walmart. According to an affidavit obtained by FOX13 Memphis, the victim told police two women grabbed her purse and ran out […]Read More

Jacksonville Man Suffers A Broken Nose and Two Black Eyes

Yoel Rodriguez, a 43-year-old Jacksonville, FL man suffered a broken nose and two black eyes during his arrest in Walmart. The incident was recorded and posted online. Rodriguez was charged with battery against a law enforcement officer according to the Florida Times Union. A family member posted the video online to bring awareness to police […]Read More

Bay Area Man Gunned Down At San Leandro, CA Walmart

Yesterday an unidentified Bay Area man was gunned down by police officers at a Walmart in San Leandro, CA right outside of Oakland. Cops arrived on the scene after being told the man was swinging a bat at people by the Walmart entrance. In the video, you can see where the man approached the two […]Read More

Walmart customer coughs and spits on employees over billing issue

That spit ain’t cool, sis! A disgruntled California woman recently took the phrase “so nasty, so rude” to new levels of EWWWW, angrily coughing and spitting all over Walmart employees in a disgusting check-out line disaster. Police swooped down on a Yreka, CA Walmart late last week, responding to calls about an unnamed shopper’s phlegm-fueled […]Read More

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