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Woman Admits That She Doesn’t Shower For Weeks, Only Wears

A video of a woman revealing that she doesn’t shower or brush her teeth daily has gone viral. The video uploaded to TikTok by Annabelmaud has already garnered more than 90,000 views with over 500 comments from TikTok users who surprisingly support her. One user commented, “I work for myself and live alone. I do […]Read More

Stripper Says She Was Paid To Hold Man’s Hand While

A video of a woman encouraging women to become dancers for some quick cash has gone viral. The video uploaded by Danikakingtv has already gained more than 70,000 views with more than 100 comments from TikTok users with diversion opinions.  The text on the video reads, “this is ur sign to b a dancer. I […]Read More

Woman Says She Experienced Chemical Burn To Her Eye After

A woman is stunning after she suffered from a major chemical burn after she mistook her nail glue for eye drops and ending up in the hospital. The woman uploaded a video to TikTok about her shocking experience, and the short clip has already gained over 500,000 views with more than 500 comments from concerned […]Read More

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