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Idaho Jail Says They Will Attempt To Accommodate Bryan Kohberger’s

The Latah County Jail in Idaho will make an effort to accommodate accused college student killer, Bryan Kohberger’s vegan diet, NY Post reported.  Latah County Sheriff Richard Skiles told NewsNation that the jail will try to accommodate Kohberger’s vegan diet restrictions, “but we are not going to buy new pots and pans or anything like […]Read More

73-Year-Old Vegan Fined Multiple Times After Refusing To Stop Mice

A vegan from the United Kingdom has been fined after declining to exterminate mice from taking over her and her neighbor’s home due to her beliefs. The woman, 73-year-old Margaret Manzoni was alerted by Essex officials to get an exterminator to aid in removing the mice infestation, which eventually spread to her neighbor’s home. However, […]Read More

Vegan Mom Sentenced To Life In Prison For The Starvation

A Florida mom who claims she is vegan was sentenced to life in prison for the starvation death of her 18-month-old son after feeding him only raw fruits and vegetables, NY Post reports.  38-year-old, Sheila O’Leary, was convicted of murder for the 2019 death of her son Ezra O’Leary. She was sentenced to life in […]Read More

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