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73-Year-Old Vegan Fined Multiple Times After Refusing To Stop Mice

A vegan from the United Kingdom has been fined after declining to exterminate mice from taking over her and her neighbor’s home due to her beliefs. The woman, 73-year-old Margaret Manzoni was alerted by Essex officials to get an exterminator to aid in removing the mice infestation, which eventually spread to her neighbor’s home. However, […]Read More

Vegan Mom Sentenced To Life In Prison For The Starvation

A Florida mom who claims she is vegan was sentenced to life in prison for the starvation death of her 18-month-old son after feeding him only raw fruits and vegetables, NY Post reports.  38-year-old, Sheila O’Leary, was convicted of murder for the 2019 death of her son Ezra O’Leary. She was sentenced to life in […]Read More

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