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UK Man Sentenced To 11.5 Years In Prison For Hate

In May of last year, a gunmen entered a supermarket in Buffalo, New York and fatally shot teen Black people. Half a year later, in November, another mass shooting in a Colorado Springs LGBT night club took the lives of five and injured twenty-five. Though these murderers, who intentionally targeted marginalized groups of people, were […]Read More

London Cop Revealed As “One Of The Worst Ever Serial

David Carrick has worked as a police police officer with the London’s Metropolitan Police since the year 2000. After working worked in an elite armed unit, tasked with guarding embassies and parliament for over 20 years, the 48-year-old is now being regarded as one of the worst serial rapists in modern criminal history in the […]Read More

Nearly 8,000 Patients Left In Awe After Receiving Accidental Text

It looks like thousands of UK patients at a doctor’s office had quite a scare after the office mistakenly texted nearly 8,000 patients that they were dying of “aggressive lung cancer,” instead of their planned Merry Christmas text.  The Doncaster doctor’s office, Askern Medical Practice, sent the automated message merely two days before the festive […]Read More

Woman Found Guilty Of Murdering and Decapitating Friend Then Forging

A woman from the United Kingdom has been convicted of murder after killing her friend and then forging the victim’s will to collect 95% of her estate, according to FOX Digital.  38-year-old Jemma Mitchell murdered 67-year-old Mee Kuen Chong but also known as Deborah Chong, back in 2021. Reports note the pair met at a […]Read More

33-Year-Old Man Struck By Lightning As He Played On The

It looks like a man from the United Kingdom was transported to the hospital after he was reportedly struck by lightning while playing PlayStation, according to the New York Post.  33-year-old Aiden Rowan was playing the popular video console close to 10:30 p.m. He heard the sound of a loud “crack.” He shared the encounter […]Read More

Viral Video Shows Bar Providing Bottle Stoppers To Help Prevent

A viral video of a United Kingdom Bar showcasing bottle stoppers has gone viral. The video uploaded by Pjswarrington has already garnered over 9 million views with more than 2,000 comments from intrigued TikTok users.  The text on the video reads, “stay safe at pjs ask your bartender for cup and bottle stoppers.” In the […]Read More

UK Paramedics Dragged In TikTok Comment Section After Posting Dancing

Girls just want to have fun right? Well, one would think so for these two paramedics; however, it looks like they’re getting ripped a new one in the comment section of this TikTok video. These first responders are being dragged after posting a video of themselves dancing to a Justin Beiber’s song titled “Baby” that […]Read More

Mother Shares Video Of Daughter After Spiked Drink, Says “She

A Southend-on-Sea, Essex mother shared a horrific video of her the aftermath of her daughter’s spiked drink experience. According to The New York Post, 18-year-old Millie Taplin went to a party with her friends and met up with a group of men, some of who she knew. A man from the group offered her a […]Read More

Mother Killed 77-Year-Old Neighbor After He Abused Her 12-Year-Old Son,

Reports reveal that a UK mother who was found guilty of manslaughter in 2015 for stabbing a man to death recently spoke about the reason why she committed the crime, and she has no regrets. 38-year-old Sarah Sands who was sentenced to seven and a half years said she killed  77-year-old Michael Pleasted,  who was her neighbor […]Read More

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