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17 GOP-Led States Are Cutting Off The $300 Weekly Federal

The extra unemployment benefits have been mighty helpful for those who qualified but, that’s all about to come to an end as seventeen Republican Party-led states will cease the extra $300 a week. Your state just may be one of them.  Although the federal benefits are supposed to stop the first week of September, certain […]Read More

Uber Digitally Lays Off 3,500 Workers Due To COVID-19 Outbreak

Uber manager, Ruffin Chevaleau, laid off 3,500 people via 3-minute Zoom calls due to Covid-19.  According to the Daily Mail, the ride-share business has been down by more than half in the wake of the pandemic—which resulted in eliminating 14% of Uber’s drivers. Chevaleau said she was devastated delivering the news via phone call. She […]Read More

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