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A Couple Gets Married Via Zoom Despite Never Meeting In

Imagine finding your person but never actually meeting them in person. This couple it didn’t matter because the two decided to get married either way.  Newlyweds Asye, 26 and Darrin 24 met online via Facebook in group that is meant to connect pen pals around the world. It turns out that Asye paired with Kenda […]Read More

The Post Reports New Law will Jail Influencers For Secretly

The New York Post plays too much…Now why’d they throw Kylie in it? 😭 Whether it be Facetune, Photoshop, or a body manipulation app, UK Instagram influencers could possibly face serious legal problems as a new law in Norway requires them to clearly state if a photo for an advertisement is edited. The consequences of […]Read More

UK Hospital Worker Arrested For Using Dead Woman’s Debit Card

A hospital employee in England admitted to stealing a dead patient’s debit card and using it to purchase snacks from a vending machine several times. Police say an 83-year-old woman died on January 24 at Birmingham’s Heartlands Hospital. Her time of death was written as 1:56 p.m., but her bank statements showed vending machine transactions […]Read More

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