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Michigan Man Arrested After Using An Uber To Commit Armed

Last week, a Southfield, Michigan man, named Jason Christmas, used an Uber to get to a Huntington Bank. While the ride share driver was waiting for him to finish inside, he was completely unaware that the 42-year-old was robbing the bank that he had been driven to. After the robbery had taken place, Christmas was […]Read More

Uber Sued By 550 Women Who Claim They Were Sexually

According to the law firm Slater, Slater, Schulman, LLP, 550 women have come forward in filing multiple lawsuits against Uber, per ABC News.  The law firm filed a legal complaint against Uber in San Francisco County Superior Court on Wednesday claiming that their clients “were kidnapped, sexually assaulted, sexually battered, raped, falsely imprisoned, stalked, harassed, […]Read More

Man Claims Uber Driver Tossed His Stuff Out Of The

A viral video showing an alleged Uber Driver tossing a customer’s belongings on the street after taking too long to get in the vehicle has gone viral. The video uploaded by Kariuuki has already garnered more than 100,000 views with over 700 comments from unsympathetic TikTok users. One user commented, “you took too long, time […]Read More

Viral TikTok Video Shows Uber Eats Driver Stealing Customer’s Food

A viral TikTok video posted by SarahfromFlorida, shows an Uber Eats driver allegedly stealing half of the customer’s order. In the video, you can see the man using his bare hands to transfer a portion of the customer’s food into a plastic container. Some people in the comments wondered if the order was canceled and […]Read More

Uber and Lyft Accused of Racial Discrimination, Charging More for

Research from Akshat Pandey and Aylin Caliskan of George Washington University shows forms of “social bias” when Lyft and Uber riders are picked up or dropped off in certain neighborhoods, Complex reports. Researcher Caliskan told New Scientist, “Basically if you’re going to a neighborhood where there’s a large African-American population, you’re going to pay a […]Read More

Nashville Woman Escapes Kidnapping By Jumping Out Of Car, Suspect

Nashville Uber driver, Carolina Vargas, jumped out of her moving car to escape an apparent kidnapping. Police identified the suspect as 51-year-old Christopher Miller. Miller was Vargas’ returning passenger. Last Friday, Vargas noted that Miller called her phone directly for a ride rather than using the Uber app. During this trip, he allegedly threatened her with […]Read More

Uber Digitally Lays Off 3,500 Workers Due To COVID-19 Outbreak

Uber manager, Ruffin Chevaleau, laid off 3,500 people via 3-minute Zoom calls due to Covid-19.  According to the Daily Mail, the ride-share business has been down by more than half in the wake of the pandemic—which resulted in eliminating 14% of Uber’s drivers. Chevaleau said she was devastated delivering the news via phone call. She […]Read More

A NY Uber Driver Tests Positive For The Coronavirus

An Uber driver, who primarily drives around Long Island, NY, has tested positive for the Coronavirus. According to The NY Post, the man in his 30’s showed up to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Queens, NY on Tuesday with symptoms. Since then he has tested positive and was placed into isolation at the hospital. The […]Read More

Uber Driver Now Behind Bars After Opening Fire at Passengers

A driver identified as Ahmad Ahmad is now behind bars after police say he took the wrong route which led to his passengers telling him to stop as they order another Uber. Ahmad picked up two passengers from a downtown New Orleans bar and they requested to go to Kenner. The passengers and Uber driver […]Read More

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