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Twitter Reacts To Aldi’s Penis-Shaped Easter Marshmallows

With Easter rapidly approaching, multinational German supermarket Aldi, has released multiple house brand items for the upcoming holiday. Among these products were colorful marshmallows in the shape of rabbits and chicks. Despite their intentions, shoppers noticed that the treats resemble something phallic, rather than the spring time animals they planned. Twitter user @missviaborsi was one […]Read More

Twitter Reacts To Lizzo Saying She’s A “Body Icon” Like

The internet is begging to differ after Lizzo called herself a “body icon” during her interview for this month’s People magazine cover. People are not agreeing with her statement, and many point out her unhealthy weight is not iconic. Okay, we all know I’m fat. I know I’m fat. It doesn’t bother me. I like […]Read More

Twitter Reacts To Hot 97’s DJ Drewski Announcing That He

DJ Drewski of Hot 97 has decided to stop playing ‘diss/gang’ records following the untimely deaths and destruction of young music artists. He believes that diss records have potentially damaged the lives of individuals and admits that good music can be cultivated without dissing one another, reflecting on a music artist’s creativity.  The DJ wrote […]Read More

Twitter Reacts To Julia Fox Reportedly Secretly Dating Drake Before

It looks like reports have been circulating about Julia Fox secretly dating Canadian rapper Drake before her public relationship with Kanye West. Now, leave it to Twitter to make fun of this news, as some users made jokes while others pointed out that they simply do not care.  The secret relationship was reported to occur […]Read More

Chrissy Teigen Gets Gate Fpr “Out Of Touch” Posts About

Chrissy Teigen has the internet mad at her again. This time, it’s because she got a hair transplant for her eyebrows, and people are calling her “out of touch” for sharing her “rich people problems”. The model and mom of two took to her Instagram story recently, tagging the doctors that did the procedure and […]Read More

Twitter Reacts To The Karen Halloween Costume

Y’all know Twitter users won’t hold their breath when it comes to inserting their opinions on any topic. Recently, there’s been news of a Karen Halloween costume and some people believe the costume was offensive and unnecessary, as some Twitter users pointed out that companies are profiting off of the trauma of black people.  Karen […]Read More

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