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Death Row Singer Danny Boy Refutes Keyshia Cole’s Claims About

It looks like Keyshia Cole is being called out as a supposed “liar” by Tupac’s old label mate. Last year the singer shared in an interview that she and Tupac were friends, and prior to him being killed, he allegedly told her that he planned on leaving Death Row to work out a deal with Quincy […]Read More

E-40 Cryptic Take On Tupac’s Death “If He Wanted To

The late Tupac Shakur was ahead of his time and is remembered by so many fans and industry friends. E-40 is now sharing his interesting take on PAC’s untimely death. “Til this day, I want to tell: if he wanted to live, he could have lived, but he would have sold his soul,” E-40, who […]Read More

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