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Gunmen Kidnap 32 People While Waiting At Train Station In

On January 8th, at around 4 P.M., a group of people were waiting to board a train at Tom Ikimi Station, in southern Nigeria, when they were suddenly attacked by a group of men armed with AK-47s. After many were shot at, the kidnappers left with 32 people, Reuters reported. The Edo state information commissioner, […]Read More

Oregon Woman Arrested For Pushing 3-Year-Old Onto Train Tracks

On Wednesday, December 28th, a woman and her 3-year-old daughter were waiting for their train to arrive in the northeast part of Portland, Oregon. Suddenly, without provocation, a women seated behind them quickly stood up to push the toddler off of the platform and face first onto the tracks, as reported by the Multnomah County […]Read More

Teen Filming Video For Instagram Reels Is Struck By Train

In Telangana, India, 17 year old Ch Akshay Raj was filming an influencer-style video for Instagram Reels along a railroad close to a local railway station. Workers that had been conducting repairs gave the engineering student multiple warnings before the teen was hit, according to New York Post. In a video, Raj’s friend is heard […]Read More

3 Killed When Car Flies Off Roadway Onto NYC Amtrak

A crazy crash led to three people dead after their vehicle left the road and landed on the Cross Bronx Expressway tracks, 1010 News reports.  Police say that investigations shows the car was speeding on Henry Hudson Parkway near 118th Street early Monday morning around 1:45. They say the driver lost control and that caused […]Read More

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