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Viral Video Shows TikToker Receiving Treatment In Hospital Parking Lot

A 23-year-old is making her way around TikTok after posting a video of herself receiving treatment from a California hospital in their parking lot. The TikToker wrote on the video, “The hospital had no beds.” The video uploaded by Philosophia_art now has more than 3 million views with over 6,000 comments of concerned but surprisingly […]Read More

Certified Nurse Assistant Confused After Patient Asks Her If She

A certified nurse assistant, of five years, is confused after a patient asked her if she has a master, and questioned if the nurse knows how to read; however, to my surprise, the nurse handled the situation delicately. The CNA uploaded the video to TikTok under the username, Modestlymarleen_. The viral video now has more […]Read More

Nurse Recalls The Time Patient Confessed To Lying About Being

A video of a woman telling a story of an elderly white woman allegedly confessing to lying about being touched by a local black man which in turn led to his death has been making its rounds throughout the internet. The video uploaded by Benzosandespresso now has more than 19 million views with over 32,000 […]Read More

Reggaeton Star Says He’s The First Rapper To Wear Gold

It looks like every rapper wants to be the first to start a trend nowadays. 23-year-old Reggaeton music artist Dan Sur has been gaining a lot of attention after posting content of himself with gold chains as hair. Yup, that’s right! The procedure of how he attained the hairstyle may be the real reason why […]Read More

Video Shows Man Allegedly Having Public Outburst Over Black Lives

A Tiktok video of a man having a public outburst about freedom of speech and violence has gone viral. The 27 second clip now has nearly 50,000 views with more than 2,000 likes. The comment section has been turned off as no TikTok users were able to comment on the video and express their opinions. […]Read More