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Moneybagg Yo Responds To Fan Who Said His Show Was

It looks like fans are being fans and voicing their opinions per usual. A Moneybagg Yo fan recently came out and said a show they attended featuring the “Said Sum” rapper was “boring and dry AF.” The fan took it to TikTok to express their thoughts about the show. The fan wrote in a TikTok […]Read More

TikToker Claims That She Found A Frog In Her Cheesecake

A viral Tiktok video shows a girl alleging that she’s discovered a frog in her mashed potatoes.  Apparently, the meal was from The Cheesecake Factory and you can see the girl poking a fork into an object that doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be in mashed potatoes. She claims it appears to be a […]Read More

Jimmy Fallon Invites TikTok Creators On The Tonight Show After

Now we all know and love Jimmy Fallon. However, he has been receiving some backlash over bringing TikTok sensation, Addison Rae, on the show to teach popular TikTok dances. Fallon was called out because Rae didn’t create those dances and The Tonight Show failed to acknowledge the originators and creators of these dances.  Following the […]Read More

Russ Diemon Praises Nicki Minaj Saying She Would’ve Still Dominated

There’s no doubt that Queen Nicki has solidified her spot as one of the greatest females in hip-hop. Nicki Minaj has been on top for over ten years. She’s thrived through the mixtape and digital era but inevitably with time things evolve.  Tik Tok has been an elevating platform for music artists through dance challenges […]Read More

Step Aside TikTok, Kanye West Wants To Give The People

Yeezy likes to get things off of his chest via Twitter —just like his buddy Trump. This time though, his tweets are about collaborating with the app TikTok by adding a spiritual twist. Kanye wants a Christian version of the popular app to be named “Jesus Tok.” The “Jesus Walks” rapper says he loves tech […]Read More

MTA Pissed Over ‘Despicable’ TikTok Prank On A NYC Subway

TikTok star @fckjoshy thought it would be funny to eat a huge tub of Fruity Pebbles with milk on a New York City subway—the city hit hardest by coronavirus—and then spill the whole thing on the floor of the car. After picking up some of the soggy cereal, he got off of the train and left […]Read More

Lizzo Gets Swim Suit Video Reposted After Accusing TikTok of

Lizzo gets her swimsuit video reposted by TikTok after she complained that skinnier girls don’t get taken down.  Lizzo is no stranger to posting NSFW content all over social media as she embraces her body and lifestyle. She posted a video in a swimsuit and it was taken down. It was implied that it was […]Read More