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Woman Says Her Maggot Infested Apartment Led To The Discovery

TikTok user @lon333lygirl shares her story on how her pest problem led to the shocking discovery of her dead neighbor, The Sun reports. User @lon333lygirl said her apartment was infested with maggots for six days straight and that the bugs kept coming from the ceiling. “It wasn’t just two. It was hundreds of them,” she […]Read More

Mother Shows Messy Home In Viral Video, Says ‘Having A

A mother has taken it to TikTok to point out that just because her house is messy, it doesn’t make her a bad mother. The mother uploaded a video to TikTok showcasing her messy home under username, Tiredmommax3. The video has already garnered more than 25,000 views with over 100 comments from TikTok users.  The […]Read More

Man Captured Watching Explicit Videos Of Women On The Plane

A video of a man watching explicit footage of women on TikTok while his alleged girlfriend slept next to him on the plane has gone viral. The video uploaded by Sandyprudente has already collected over 3 million views with more than 2,000 comments from TikTok users with mixed opinions. One user pointed out that it […]Read More

TikToker Talks About ‘Pretty Privilege’ and Reveal The Benefits She

Many TikTokers have created video’s discussing the benefits of being conventionally attractive. In fact, these women are deeming it as “pretty privilege,” which is the action of a woman receiving certain benefits because they’re good-look, can we agree?  One TikToker, Bejewelledbud, made a video revealing “What pretty privilege has gotten [her]” in the summer, as […]Read More

Viral Video Shows Woman Tossing Drink At Bartender

Surveillance footage of a woman tossing a drink at a bartender has gone viral. The TikToker, who was the bartender in the video uploaded the now-deleted footage claiming “a bug flew in [the woman’s] drink,” which caused her to throw the drink.  The 14-second clip shows the woman conversing with a man at the bar. […]Read More

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