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Police Raid Hospital Room Of Terminal Cancer Patient With Less

Greg Bretz, a Hays, Kansas resident, was recently diagnosed with inoperable late stage terminal cancer. According to Daily Mail, doctors recommended that the 69-year-old use anything he could to ease the severe pain of his last few weeks, including marijuana products. Soon after, Bretz began using cannabis derivatives in the form of paste and vape […]Read More

Toddlers Hospitalized After Eating Goldfish Crackers Laced With THC

Three toddlers have been hospitalized after appearing to have “lethargic and uncoordinated behavior as well as glassy, bloodshot eyes,” per the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office said. All of the children were 1 year old as they seemed to show symptoms of THC exposure, according to WINK news. After they were tested, medical experts confirmed the […]Read More

Kids Hospitalized After Eating THC Candy From Local Food Bank

A Utah Food Bank is not apologizing after they served over 690 bags of weed candy to children. Each bag contained 400 milligrams of THC.  “Right now, we do not believe nor do we have any evidence to support that the donation was intentional. We have discussed this issue with our local food bank and […]Read More

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