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Terry Crews Receives Backlash for Tweet Criticizing #BlackLivesMatter

Terry Crews is back at it again, putting his foot in his mouth. The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor cautioned activists to ensure: “BlackLivesMatter” didn’t turn into a “BlackLivesBetter” movement—and it didn’t go over well with the community. Twitter users are criticizing Crews for seemingly siding with people against BLM, or who support AllLivesMatter, and believe the […]Read More

Terry Crews’ “Black Supremacy” Tweets Set Twitter on Fire

Black Twitter had a few choice words for actor Terry Crews after he tweeted, “defeating White supremacy without white people creates Black supremacy.” The “Everybody Hates Chris” star’s controversial tweet comes in the wake of mass efforts to combat police brutality and racism after the brutal death of George Floyd. Crews’ former sitcom co-star, Tyler […]Read More

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