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Father Of Three Pulls Over To Help Victims Of Car

In Memphis, Tennessee, a man named Byron and his three children (2, 4, and 6) were driving in their brown Toyota Avalon, when they saw a car crash between a blue pickup truck and a white Kia. Byron pulled over to help those involved. When the helpful father walked over to the accident’s victims, the […]Read More

Man Set Fire To Family Member’s Home After Accusing Them

A Tennessee man set his relative’s house on fire because he believed they had stolen his drugs, FOX News reports. Natanael Castor, 25, was arrested Saturday after police responded to the fire. A woman who lives in the residence told police that Castor became violent when he thought someone in the home stole his drugs. […]Read More

Man Who Requested Police Ride Along Was Arrested After Routine

23-year-old Joshua Murrey from Tennessee requested a ride along officers; however, he was arrested after a background check showed rape allegations against him, according to Fox News. The man requested to do the ride-along with the La Vergne Police Department; yet, the act requires a mandatory background check.  Once the background check was completed, it revealed […]Read More

Viral Video Shows Cop Firing Stun Gun At Black DoorDash

Footage of an officer firing a stun gun at a DoorDash driver, Delane Gordan, has been making its rounds throughout the media. The clip was uploaded to Reddit and was also released by Gordon’s attorney. According to The Daily Dot, the 28-year-old was making deliveries in Collegedale, Tennessee when he was stopped by an officer.  […]Read More

Two Men Killed By Camel That Escaped From A Petting

On another episode of something you don’t hear everyday; a camel that escaped from a Tennessee petting zoo ended up tragically killing two men 100 miles northeast of Memphis. Local officials say, the disoriented camel escaped from Shirley Farms petting Zoo at around 4:45 p.m on Thursday. Obion County Sheriff’s Office got the call and […]Read More

Memphis Comedian That Made Light Of Young Dolph’s Death Is

A Tennessee comedian who had posted jokingly about Young Dolph’s murder has been killed in a shooting in Memphis, @SayCheeseTv reports. Derrion Childs, 21, who went by the name of “DMuney”, was killed on Tuesday. He had been posting about Dolph in the wake of his death, and people had encouraged him to stay out of it, […]Read More

Gunman Kills One, Injures 13 In Shooting At A Memphis

A gunman shot up Kroger a grocery in the Memphis suburbs this afternoon, killing one and injuring at least 13 people, Fox 13 TV reported. The suspect reportedly then killed himself. Customers and employees of the Kroger in Collierville, Tennessee hid in freezers and fled the scene as shots rang out at about 1:30 pm. Police […]Read More

Woman Attacked While On A Walk In Knoxville Smears Dog

A woman who was attacked by a homeless man while on a walk was able to defend herself by smearing a bag of dog poop in the assailant’s face. Police say that a 30-year-old woman was walking her dog on a trail in Knoxville on the afternoon of August 22, when a homeless man approached […]Read More

Tennessee Woman Accused Of Using Fake Checks To Purchase 15

You would think if someone is going to use fake checks to buy something it would be anything other than a car right? Wrong, a Tennessee woman ran up some checks at car dealerships buying fifteen cars that totaled over $835,000. Dickson Police say 28-year-old Lauren Brooke Mason, of Westmoreland used counterfeit checks to buy […]Read More

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