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15-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Attacking Pregnant Mother From Behind In

A teen in Perth, Australia was arrested after assaulting a 37-year-old pregnant mother and trying to steal her bag. Shocking footage shows the pregnant mother being attacked by the 15-year-old girl as she pushed her two children in a stroller. The incident occurred on Monday at 12:40 pm.  The woman suffered from small scratches following […]Read More

Mother Claims She Started Saving For Her Daughter’s Nose Job

After the 25-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid recently revealed that her mom allowed her to get a nose job at age 14, it looks like another mother came forward as she share her experience allowing her teenage daughter to get the cosmetic surgery.  56-year-old Loren Lahav from Las Vegas recently revealed that she began saving up […]Read More

34-Year-Old Father Fatally Shot By Teen Who Snuck Into Home

A man was fatally shot after he discovered a teenager breaking into his home. According to WBRZ, the 17-year-old broke into the home to see the man’s 14-year-old daughter. This ultimately led to a shoot-out between 34-year-old Dezmon Hamilton and 17-year-old Nicholas Mcquirter. Reports say it’s uncertain who initially fired their weapon but the shoot-out […]Read More

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