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Texas Teens Post Snapchat Stealing Chain Off Dead Man Who

Two teenagers were arrested for filming themselves stealing jewelry off a dead body and posting it on Snapchat. The robbery happened in Texas when they discovered a man who committed suicide. The girls stumbled across the body of the man, who had hung himself, on a street in Southwest Bexar County, according to KSAT. One […]Read More

Saweetie Admits To Teen Vogue That She Almost Went To

Saweetie graced the cover of Teen Vogue this month, and in her interview, she opened up about how she used to steal clothes and it almost landed her behind bars.   The icy girl spoke with the publication about how her love of fashion caused her to pick up a little shoplifting habit when she was […]Read More

Retired FBI Agent Lies To Woman About Her Being On

An ex-FBI agent has been charged in a scandal where he tricked a Texas woman into thinking she was on probation and made her give him over $800,000 over the course of four years. William Roy Stone, Jr., 62, stopped working for the FBI in 2015, but allegedly told the woman that she was on […]Read More

Missouri Mom Files Lawsuit After She And Her Son Were

Marvia Gray, 68, filed a lawsuit against several police officers who attacked her and her 43-year-old son, Derek Gray, at a Sam’s Club in Missouri after they were falsely accused of stealing a television. Marvia and Derek brought several items from the store—including the television—but, because the large electronic couldn’t fit in their car they […]Read More

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