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Customer Shoots KFC Employee After They Run Out Of Corn

On December 12th, a customer placing an order in a St. Louis KFC drive-thru became irate when he discovered that the fried chicken eatery had run out of corn. After arguing with employees through the intercom system, the man proceeded to drive to the drive-thru window and point at employees with a handgun, ABC News […]Read More

Patient Of Hospital Beaten By Security Guards

Hughie Robinson, a patient suffering from stage 4 kidney failure was preparing for a kidney transplant at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. He spent four days being prepared for a procedure that ended up never occurring. After leaving the hospital, an employee called him on his phone to let him know that he had […]Read More

63-Year-Old Woman Dies After Roommate Dumped Hot Cooking Oil On

Doren Davis, 63, has reportedly died merely a month after hot oil was poured on her at an assisted-living facility, according to Fox 59. The incident occurred minutes after midnight on March 7 when Davis’ roommate dumped hot cooking oil on the woman.  According to officials, the roommate informed police that she was angry with […]Read More

Black Hooters Server Claims One Of Her Tables Requested A

A viral TikTok video of a black Hooters waitress claiming that her white customers requested a blonde server instead of her has gone viral, the video uploaded by A.Baebie has already garnered over 20,000 views with more than 100 comments from disturbed TikTok users.  The video captioned “I be like,” while the text on the […]Read More

St. Louis Prosecutor Will Not Charge Officer That Shot Michael

As Black Lives Matter is still the conversation around the world and protests are still taking place, news comes in that the officer who killed Michael Brown in 2014 will not be charged. St.Louis County prosecutor, Wesley Bell will not file charges against officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Brown. The prosecutor decided […]Read More

St. Louis Man Dragged To Death By FedEx Truck Following

An unidentified St. Louis man was allegedly dragged to death by a FedEx truck driver early Saturday morning following the protest for the brutal killing of George Floyd. The man’s death was caught on video by bystander Jared Arms. The reason why the incident happened was because the FedEx driver feared for their life after […]Read More

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