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Twitter Users React To Frontier & Spirit Merging… And Mock

Two wrongs don’t make a right… this saying is being proven true with Frontier and Spirit merging into one airline. People aren’t taking the news well. This morning, the airlines announced that they are combining forces, becoming the 5th largest airline, after Southwest, American Airlines, Delta, and United.  They boasted about how, as a merged […]Read More

Woman Walks Through The Airport Wearing Bikini In Viral Video

A video of a woman walking through an airport wearing nothing but a bikini, a face mask, handbag and backpack has gone viral. The clip was posted by Humansofspiritairlines on Instagram and it captioned, “At least she’s wearing a face mask.” Ain’t that something? The video now has 50,000 views with more than 200 comments […]Read More

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