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South Carolina Teenager Pushed Off Of Balcony After Altercation At

On Wednesday morning, January 4th, police were sent to West Florence High School in Florence, South Carolina after a student was reportedly pushed from a balcony, CBS 12 stated. In a statement released by Matthew Dowdell, the school’s principal, the altercation between the two teenagers transpired in between the second and third block of classes. […]Read More

South Carolina Man Confesses To Killing Five Men After Being

On Monday morning, October 10th, James Douglas Drayton was arrested after stealing a car and using it to flee after committing an armed robbery at a convenience store in Hephzibah, Georgia. After police had taken him in to be interrogated, the 24-year-old confessed to more crimes: shooting his five roommates in Inman, South Carolina. Sunday […]Read More

Man Fell 15 Floors To His Death After Attempting Handstand

An Ohio man fell to his death after trying to perform a handstand during Hurricane Ian‘s category 4 storm, NY Post reports.  Markell Hope, 34, was staying in South Carolina at the Patricia Grand Hotel in Myrtle Beach at the time of the incident. Police say Hope fell from his hotel balcony at around 3:30 […]Read More

Middle School Teacher Accused Of Referring To A Black Teacher

A student’s mother, Shanda Wiggins, shared on social media that her son arrived home angry alleging that his teacher called another instructor, who was black, “the monkey next door.” Reports say the boy also claimed the same teacher requested for the class to partake in a cotton-picking activity, in which she brought cotton to the […]Read More

3 Year Old Left In Hot Car Cuts Off Her

In Charleston, South Carolina, a 3 year old was found without clothes left in a hot vehicle in a Big Lots parking lot. A concerned passerby immediately called police and provided water to the dehydrated child. When police arrived, the toddler told them that while waiting for her grandmother to return, she became so hot […]Read More

Man Killed On Vacation With Family After Agreeing To Give

Sadly, Josh Wilson from West Virginia was murdered while on vacation with his family after agreeing to give a stranger a ride, according to Fox News. The 40-year-old stopped by a gas station with his family while on his way back to a hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As he filled up his tank, […]Read More

Man Killed At Work After Falling Into a Factory Shredder,

Duncan Alexander Burrell Gordon, 20, of South Carolina has been missing since May. New reports say Gordon dropped into a factory shredder at work and was, sadly, killed by the machine, according to the New York Post.  The State reports that Gordan’s remains were discovered close to the plastic shredder and he was last seen […]Read More

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