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Man Warns People After He Was Almost Swindled By Whatsapp

A father is warning people after almost being scammed out £2,000 when scammers reached out to him via Whatsapp pretending to be his daughter, Belfast Live reports.  Colin Jess, 62, claims he was targeted by WhatsApp ‘family member’ scammers who acted like his daughter Nicola. Colin posted the message that shows the unusual interaction. The […]Read More

Two New York Nurses Accused Of Making $1.5 Million Selling

Two nurses from Long Island have just landed themselves in jail from forging Covid vaccine cards, selling them to the public and pocketing the cash.  49-year-old Julie DeVuono, the owner of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, and 44-year-old Marissa Urraro are accused of running this scheme out of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare from November […]Read More

Waffle House Says Employee With Baby In Viral Clip Was

Last weekend a TikTok video went viral of a Waffle House worker holding a baby while helping the cooks. According to TMZ, they were contacted by someone who claimed to be the worker, but turns out it was all a scam to get money.  TikTok user @kizzle260 shared the clip of Tiffany Clark last weekend, […]Read More

Engineer Scammed Trump Out Of $86 Million Over Ventilator Tweets

San Jose man, Yaron Oren-Pines, a Silicon Valley engineer got an $86 million contract days after tweeting President Trump telling him that he can supply ventilators for the pandemic. On March 24, the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that they were in need of ventilators. Within days President Trump tweeted to General Motors asking […]Read More

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