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Saweetie Admits To Teen Vogue That She Almost Went To

Saweetie graced the cover of Teen Vogue this month, and in her interview, she opened up about how she used to steal clothes and it almost landed her behind bars.   The icy girl spoke with the publication about how her love of fashion caused her to pick up a little shoplifting habit when she was […]Read More

Saweetie Speaks On The ‘Power’ That Comes From Her Pretty

Saweetie graced the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine this week, and gave an inspiring interview where she acknowledged that she has “pretty privilege” but says her accomplishments are what make her feel good. I won’t act like there isn’t a certain type of power that comes with people admiring your face. But that’s not something that […]Read More

Rumor Quavo Repo’d Saweeties’ Bentley Amid Split Is Reportedly Fake

Despite Saweetie sending Quavo “back to streets” late last week, it doesn’t mean Quavo took back the Icy Bentley he gifted her for Christmas. The former Icy couple confirmed their breakup via a heated Twitter exchange on Friday, turning the split into a trending topic. Saweetie ended the back and forth telling Quavo to “take care” but, did the Migos rapper […]Read More

Saweetie Talks Staying True To Herself While Dating Quavo

Most relationships in Hollywood are clout based just to help the careers of new talent. Several people believe that’s how Saweetie and Quavo’s relationship started as a publicist stunt to boost her career. On a recent episode of “The Real”, the ladies spoke about this topic in regards to the “Tap In” rapper and Migos […]Read More

Saweetie Refused Career Help From Famous Family: “I Believe In

If a celebrity comes from a famous family, people usually assume that person is using their bloodline’s notoriety to touch success. And while there is nothing wrong with that—Hip-Hop’s Icy Girl says she wanted to get to the top of the charts on her own, without riding the coattails of her well known kin. Saweetie […]Read More

Swaeetie Talks Quarantine Sex with Quavo: “You Got to Use

Ain’t no baby mama energy! Quavo won’t be Tap, Tap, Tappin’ Saweetie’s slippery sweets without some serious PPP—personal penis protection. While sex is arguably one of the more lit indoor activities a couple can enjoy during quarantine, the “Pretty B**** Music” boomer is insisting her “Pipe It Up” rapping love wrap up his man-parts each […]Read More