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Rick Ross Says He Saves Money By Cutting His Own

Rick Ross is a millionaire on a budget. The rapper revealed that he saves money by cutting his own grass and flying commercial as often as he can. Although he lives on a 235-acre property, that doesn’t stop him from cutting down on expenses.   The rapper said during an interview with Forbes, “When I bought […]Read More

Rick Ross On Kanye: He Need To “Clarify” Some Things

Kanye’s questionable behavior has worried not only fans of his but some of his industry friends. Some of them haven’t been holding back, and need answers for his recent antics. Rick Ross is one of those concerned about Ye. In a recent interview on Hot 97 “Ebro In The Morning” he speaks out just wanting […]Read More

Rick Ross To Pay Off $8,500 in Monthly Child Support

Rick Ross has to fork over $8,500 a month in temporary child support to his baby mama, Briana Camille, amid their paternity and custody case. Judge Christopher Edwards ordered Ricky Rozay to pay $6,000 for child support payment and $2500 to pay the nanny, while Briana is enduring a “high risk” pregnancy carrying Ross’s third […]Read More

Rick Ross Ignores Baby Mama’s Demand He Take COVID-19 Test,

According to Rick Ross’ baby mama, if he wants to see their kids he needs to get tested for COVID-19, so he’s taking her to court. The “Maybach Music” singer appealed to a judge for parenting time with his little ones; Berkeley, 3, and Billion, 2, per court documents obtained by Bossip. Ross’ recent filing […]Read More

Rick Ross Countersues Briana Camille, Wants Joint Custody Due to

Rick Ross’ lemon-peppered legal beef with baby mama Briana Camille is getting way too spicy. In the days since DNA test results proved the “Stay Scheming,” spitter fathered the pregnant social media model’s two children, Ross has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Briana—claiming she’s keeping the kids away from him, dragging out their court case, […]Read More

Paternity Test Results Prove Rick Ross Is The Father Of

DNA tests have confirmed that Rick Ross is the father of Briana Camille’s children, and the model has requested immediate child support.  According to Bossip, the results show a likelihood of more than 99 percent that Ross is the father of three-year-old Berkeley and two-year-old Billion. Briana, who is currently pregnant with her and Ross’ […]Read More

Judge Orders Rick Ross To Take DNA Test In Paternity

A judge has ordered Rick Ross to take a DNA test to determine the paternity of the children he allegedly fathered with his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Briana Camille.  The children in question are the subject of a lawsuit from Camille, who sued the rapper, accusing him of failing to provide for the babies or help her […]Read More

Briteady Calls Out Jennifer Williams For Messing Around With Her

Well, I’ll be damned! It looks like “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams has been called out AGAIN for messing with someone’s Ex-Man this time by Briteady for being all buddy buddy then going and hooking up with her ex behind her back! In a since-deleted series of IG story posts, Briteady called out Jennifer for “fu*king on her ex” […]Read More