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GABON Government Imposes Curfew and Cuts Internet Access As National

According To African News, Gabon’s government announced a nationwide curfew and cut off internet access Saturday evening as voting in major national elections was wrapping up. The Central African nation’s communications minister, Rodrigue Mboumba Bissawou, said on state television that there would be a nightly curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. He said internet […]Read More

Man Sets Himself On Fire Allegedly Protesting Over The Harsh

According To African News, An unidentified man set himself on fire on Thursday, in Mombasa allegedly to protest the harsh economic challenges facing millions of Kenyans. He had climbed on top of a statue in the middle of a busy roundabout before setting himself alight. The rising cost of living amid a business slowdown and […]Read More

School That Banned Skirts Forces To Close Early Following Student

A school that forbade female students from wearing skirts was shut down on Friday after students demonstrated a protest against the uniform guidelines, reports the Telegraph.  Officials were called to the Banbury, Oxon school called The Warriner. The secondary school students opposed the “gender-neutral” uniforms and declined to attend class. The protest came in the […]Read More

Shots Fired By Protestor As Jeep Plows Through A Protest

As protests across the world continue as people stand in unity for black lives, one protest for the late Elijah McClain became violent and left some protesters injured in Aurora, Colorado. Aurora police are investigating a shooting that happened on I-225, while a group of protesters was marching for a call to justice for McClain. […]Read More

BlackOut 2020:What You Need To Know & How To Support

To commemorate the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and thousands of others, black people and allies are participating in #BlackoutDay2020 on July 7. The movement is uniting Black people in economic solidarity, and encouraging participants to support Black owned businesses. #BlackoutDay2020 was created by three Black Tumblr users Mars Sebastian, T’von Green, and Newkirk. The […]Read More

Cops Find Concrete Disguised As Chocolate Chip Ice Cream In

On June 3rd in Lower Manhattan, NY, the NYPD found three portions of hardened concrete that resembled Chocolate Ice Cream. This was near the scene where a George Floyd protest recently took place. The content was poured in to-go coffee cups and flecked with darker colored spots, according to the New York Post. There was […]Read More

Pregnant Couple Tear Gassed And Sprayed By Pepper Balls

Shaiitarrio Brown and his fiancé Brittany King were on their way home after driving for Door Dash on early Saturday morning, when they were sprayed with pepper ball rounds and tear-gassed by cops amid George Floyd protests.  In the viral video, Brown was seen confronting the police after his car was hit with a pepper […]Read More

NYC Looters Flee The Scene In A $300,000 Rolls Royce

New York City looters were caught on video pulling up in a luxury SUV before stealing merchandise from an upscale retail store in Manhattan Monday night.  The viral video was captured by Justine Miller and Keith Feldman. The footage shows a group of men with masks hopping out of the vehicle and running into the […]Read More

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