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Philadelphia Cop Tells Woman He Is Matching Her Energy Amid

A viral video of a verbal confrontation between a woman and an officer has gone viral. The Philadelphia cop is heard telling the civilian that he is matching her energy amid a disagreement. The video uploaded to TikTok by Therealremyredd has captured more than 200,000 views with over 3,000 comments from confused TikTok users. One […]Read More

Black Man Sues Las Vegas Police After Being Mistaken For

A young man is going after Las Vegas Police with a civil suit after they mistook him for a white ex-felon nearly twice his age. Arrested him and held him in jail for days. 25-year-old Shane Lee Brown, is suing two police agencies in Nevada after they misidentified him for 51-year-old Shane Neal Brown. Shane […]Read More

Mom Tracks Down Suspect Who Murdered Her Teen Son &

The mother of a murdered teen helped police track down his killer so they could arrest him, the Chicago Tribune reports. Leslie Bell’s 17-year-old son Isaiah Davis was killed in October, after being shot and then set on fire in an alleyway. His mother talked to people who saw him last, and they told her […]Read More

New York Man Bursts Into Flames After Being Tasered By

A bizarre incident comes out of New York as police say, while trying to subdue a man after he had doused himself with hand sanitizer. The man is now in a Syracuse burn unit in critical condition. Times Union reports, 29-year-old Jason Jones, from Catskill High School, had walked into the village police department and […]Read More

Reporter Claims Cops Won’t Test DNA That Could Solve JonBenét

The cops in charge of the famous JonBenét Ramsey murder case are refusing to run DNA evidence that would find the person responsible for the 6-year-old’s death, Radar claims. The publication spoke with investigative reporter Paula Woodward, who has followed the case since it happened in 1996. She says that Boulder, Colorado police said they […]Read More

Pastor With Eight DUI Arrests Charged With Trying To Kill

A pastor that has eight DUIs on his record is in jail again – this time for trying to run over two cops, WXYZ Detroit reports. David Jones, the pastor at Hilton Oaks Baptist Church in Ferndale, Michigan, was been charged with attempted murder for the incident that happened last week near I-75. He is […]Read More

Deputy Fired After Mic Catches Him Having Sex On The

An LA cop was fired after he had sex on duty at Universal Studios theme park and his microphone recorded the whole encounter, TMZ reports. Apparently, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy got it on with a woman in his car near the Bates Motel section of the park last December. He left his microphone […]Read More

Deaf Man Who Was Tased & Thrown In Jail For

A deaf man is suing the two cops who charged him with resisting arrest and tased him, saying he didn’t understand what was going on and could not follow commands he couldn’t hear, Huff Post reports.  Brady Mistic ran a stop sign when he was driving in Colorado in September 2019. Soon after, he was […]Read More