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Boy Avoids Potential Kidnapping By Asking Cashier To Pretend That

A 10-year-old boy from Pennsylvania escaped a potential kidnapping after asking a cashier if she can pretend to be his mother, reports PEOPLE. On Friday, the youngster, Sammy Green, was headed home from school as he walked alone when a woman started trailing behind him, reports ABC 6 Philidelphia.  The 10-year-old boy’s father, Sam Green, […]Read More

Pennsylvania Man Takes Plea Deal After After Fatally Beating His

In August of 2019, David Sumney tortured and beat his mother, 67-year-old Margaret, to death in the bathroom of her home in South Lafayette, Pennsylvania. According to People, he left her with fractured ribs, a fractured spinal cord, contusions on her body, and lacerations on her face before ultimately ending her life. Though the 33-year-old […]Read More

Mayor Apologizes For The Thirty Years Of Experiments Performed On

From the 1950s through the 1970s, University of Pennsylvania researcher Dr. Albert Kligman began conducting dermatological, biochemical, and pharmaceutical experiments on predominantly Black inmates at Holmesburg Prison. Three hundred Philadelphia prisoners were exposed to viruses, fungi, asbestos, and multiple chemical agents, as reported by CBS News. Though Kligman would go on to create Retin-A, a […]Read More

Man Arrested After Abducting The 13 Year Old Daughter Of

On Wednesday, August 31, an Amber Alert was issued after a 13 year old girl was abducted from her home in Reading, Pennsylvania. The home security footage showed the teen being taken in the early hours of 2 A.M., while her mother and brothers were asleep. According to CBS News, the minor was found unharmed […]Read More

EMT Arrested After Allegedly Exposing And Photographing ‘Semi-Conscious’ Woman’s Breasts,

A Pennsylvania EMT worker was arrested for allegedly exposing a “semi-conscious” woman’s breast while transporting her to the hospital, FOX News reports.  Kevin Hakeem Pressley, 24, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, worked for the Brookhaven Fire Company Ambulance at the time of the incident. The unidentified victim told the outlet she was being treated at a medical […]Read More

17-Year-Old Boy Died After He Was Yanked Into Wood Chipper

Sadly, 17-year-old Isiah M. Bedocs, from Pennsylvania has died this week after he was yanked into a wood chipper as he worked, reports the New York Post. The teen was assisting amid a job removing trees when his clothes became stuck in the wood chipper. Once officials got to the scene, he was taken to […]Read More

Two Women Jump On Chipotle Counter And Began Throwing Things

On August 6th, in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, police were called to a disturbance at a Chipotle restaurant after two women had returned to complain about an incorrect online food order, as reported by The Daily Voice. During the confrontation, they climbed the counter, grabbing anything within their reach, and throwing the items at the employees. […]Read More

Waitress Shocked After Receiving Three Thousand Dollar Tip On A

A customer who invested in cryptocurrency left a Pennsylvania restaurant waitress with a large tip after dinning at the restaurant. Eric Smith paid merely $13.25 for a stromboli at Alfredo’s Cafe; however, he was generous enough to leave his server, Mariana Lambert, a $3,000 tip, reports CNN.  Matt Martini, the restaurant’s manager, told CNN, “When […]Read More

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