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NYPD Banned From NYC Pride Until At Least 2025, Gay

As the world begins to open up that means festivals and parades are coming back just in time for summer. One of the biggest being the pride parade and NYPD are being left out of the festivities as they will be banned from this year’s celebration and more years to come.  Organizers of New York […]Read More

NYPD Discontinues Use of Robot Dog After People Expressed Outrage

Many are familiar with the robot dog’s which was reported to serve as surveillance to monitor “[potential] hostile environments, ” reports The Verge.  Yet, the machine has been receiving a lot of criticism. People were outraged after a video went viral of the dog “patrolling a Manhattan housing project, ” says The Post The NYPD […]Read More

Twitter Users Are Saying The Attack On A NYPD Detective

Twitter users think the viral video of a man striking a NYC police detective with what appeared to be a stick may have been staged reports Daily Dot.  In the video, viewers can see a man walking behind an investigator and hitting him with a stick. The investigator fell to his knees as if he […]Read More

Police Identifies New York City Woman Who Murdered Ex-Girlfriend In

Police have identified a woman who allegedly executed her ex-girlfriend on a New York City street in broad daylight last Wednesday, New York Post reports. The sudden attack was caught on a surveillance cameras in proximity of the crime scene. In what was captured on surveillance film, 51-year-old Nichelle Thomas was at the intersection of […]Read More

New York Woman Rants About Hating Cops Hours Before Killing

A woman went on a rant about cops, calling them “roaches” and “annoying to look at”, hours before hitting and killing one with her car while drunk driving early Tuesday morning in Queens. Sources told The NY Post that Jessica Beauvais, 32, was almost twice the legal limit when she struck and killed NYPD officer […]Read More

New Evidence Points To NYPD And FBI Conspiracy In The

Over 50 years since the assassination of civil rights icon Malcom X and new evidence is proving some people’s theories right that the NYPD and the FBI had everything to do with it.  The lawyers of his estate revealed the new evidence in the form of a letter from a former undercover NYPD officer Ray […]Read More

Pop Smoke Refused NYPD’s Urges To Snitch On The Crips

Before Pop Smoke’s death, he seemed to have gotten in a bit of trouble with NYPD, and they wanted him to snitch on the Crips. Shortly before his untimely murder, the NYPD was hounding Pop to give up information on the notorious street gang, pressing him for information about a series of shootings in Brooklyn, […]Read More

NYPD Officer Placed In Headlock While Trying To Make An

A disturbing video shows two NYPD officers arresting an unidentified man, while one of the cops was placed in a chokehold by an angry bystander on July 1st. The cop who was placed in the headlock suffered a gash to his head that required stitches. The grip lasts about four seconds until the captive cop […]Read More

Cops Find Concrete Disguised As Chocolate Chip Ice Cream In

On June 3rd in Lower Manhattan, NY, the NYPD found three portions of hardened concrete that resembled Chocolate Ice Cream. This was near the scene where a George Floyd protest recently took place. The content was poured in to-go coffee cups and flecked with darker colored spots, according to the New York Post. There was […]Read More