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Man’s Bound & Gagged Body Found Under The Coney Island

A body was found last night under the Coney Island boardwalk, and cops believe it was a homicide, according to the NY Daily News. Some homeless men who were living there located the body while trying to reorganize the layout of their camp. They knocked a wall down, and it was then that they discovered […]Read More

Mother Accused Of Murdering Infant Child After Giving Birth Alone

A mother from New York was arrested and is in custody after being accused of murdering her baby after he was born. According to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, 30-year-old Andee Wright is a main suspect in the investigation of the death of her newborn son. Reports say she may have purposely struck the […]Read More

MTA Employee Lets His Girlfriend Operate The D Train Through

An MTA worker is in trouble after he let his girlfriend operate the D train through multiple Brooklyn stations over the weekend, and then she posted footage of her conductor skills online. Dominique Belgrave posted on Instagram showing her boo Terrell Harris letting her operate the train’s controls as it traveled to the 50th Street, […]Read More

Man Arrested For Trying To Rob NYC Bank Hits Two

A Brooklyn man who was arrested for trying to rob a bank got out of jail and tried to hit two more banks the next day, before subsequently being arrested again. Jonathan Desir was first booked last Tuesday when he went to a Midtown TD Bank and passed the teller a note demanding $50,000. The […]Read More

NYPD Release Video Of Teenager Dodging Gunman & Shot In

The NYPD released video of an altercation where a suspect chased a teenager around and shot him before fleeing. This incident happened Sunday in Queens, and the gunman is still on the loose. Sources say the victim, a 16-year-old boy, is not talking with police or helping them with the case. He has a non-life-threatening […]Read More

Rihanna Spotted In The Studio In New York With Boyfriend

Rihanna was in the studio – but don’t get too excited Rih Rih fans. She was seen accompanying her boyfriend A$AP Rocky to a recording session in New York City on Wednesday. “He’s working on some new material, and she came with him to support him,” a source told ET. Now we aren’t sure if […]Read More